Team Goal: Be Happy

It’s amazing how one day you can wake up and realize that you are wasting your life doing things that make don’t you happy.  Or in our case, more like we are continually putting off “life” for when we have more time, money, etc.  I don’t know what flipped our switch, but the past couple of months my husband and I have started talking about doing things just because they make us happy.  And on the flip side, avoiding things that make us unhappy.

Life is entirely too short to keep doing crap you don’t want to do.  Granted, you have to work, pay bills, be an adult…mostly.  But when you know something makes you happy, and it won’t land you dead, in bankruptcy or prison, quit putting if off and do it.  For me, it’s liberating.  I feel more like my old self every time I choose to do what makes me happy over what I “should” do.  I’m a middle-aged mommy, but I’m not a geriatric patient yet.  And for us, it has reduced a lot of tension in our relationship.  Tension mainly caused by my unhappiness and my sweet husband’s frustration with not being able to “fix” that.  Now instead of surviving stressful situations together, we have fun together.  Maybe it’s the sunshine, but I’m looking forward to fun times this summer for the first time in a while.  Life is short – choose happy.


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