The most surprising thing I’ve found along my journey is my creativity. I’ve always liked to mess around with paint and drawing and such, but after my teenage years that got lost in the midst of living. When I started using essential oils in my daily life and reading product labels, that spark to create came back. I’ve made soap, hand salve and chapstick, all of which I love. I’ve even sold some, much to my surprise. I love hearing that something I created made a difference in someone else’s life. I love changing their opinion of essential oils. It speaks to that side of me that no one knew was there. It’s the same side that sings happy birthday, and anything else, loudly at work at random times. My less structured, more light hearted side that is buried deep. It’s fun letting it creep out sometimes just to see people’s reactions. You just never know what you might find along this particular road. You might surprise yourself.

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