Scout aka Freight Train

We have, by far, the goofiest dog I’ve ever met. We have never owned a Great Dane, but my beloved Buck was a Dane mix. He was so easy going and with a little, rambunctious boy, that was super important. Enter Scout. As you can see from the pictures, he is a real life Scooby Doo. The cartoon version. I’ve never seen anything sleep, really sleep, in the positions he gets in to.

Our other furry child, Pepper, is a 12 year old blue heeler. Let’s just say they are nothing alike. And Pepper is barely tolerating both Scout and our son. When Buck died I missed having a big, happy dog around, know what I mean? One could best describe Pepper as ex-military and very serioso. He loves to be petted…when he wants to. He will sit with you, but not really touching you. He’s always on high alert. That’s a working breed for you. He’s happy to see us, but there’s nothing like a dog literally tripping over himself to get to you because he is so excited to see you home. Now, if you need a bull moved against its will, Pepper is your man. He will put his 50 lbs up against anything anytime. Scout, on the other hand, is the world’s biggest chicken.

Big dogs are just different. And Scout is huge and still growing. He won’t be two until Halloween. He can (and has, twice) take a donut right out of your hand. He patiently waits behind gates, knowing full well he can step over them. He can see out our carport door while standing on all fours. Buck had to put his feet up on the door to scare people. Not Scout. You just feel him staring the minute you walk up. It takes you a second to realize he’s there and then I imagine people think twice about knocking.

To say owning him has been an adventure is an understatement. He and our son are like twins; each one destroying at their own pace, but often in tandem. But man he makes me laugh. And he does like to snuggle and will get in your lap, all 120 lbs of him, if you don’t watch out. Ever read Marmaduke? They weren’t making that up, those dogs are for real. He sits on the couch like a person. So I highly recommend a furry child of your own, but maybe avoid a Great Dane unless you’re up for a great adventure!

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