If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would soon own a Jeep, I would have laughed and turned my nose up.  Don’t get me wrong, we owned a trail Jeep or two at the time.  We have had several over the years.  I like Jeeps.  I just didn’t see myself as a Jeep person.  Those people were crazy.   They loved their Jeeps to a weird point,  in my opinion.  They waved at each other like lunatics.  I would have looked at you like you were an idiot to even suggest such a thing.  A Jeep, of all things.   I was driving a King Ranch F150 and I would never settle for a Jeep.  Ever.

Then one day I woke up and thought, “I want one of those right now.”  I literally cannot explain it.  I told my husband, who was suprised and beyond thrilled.  Within two weeks I had my girl.  I swear I saw her,  I drove her three miles at most, and told them I wanted .  It was that fast. And now I’m a Jeep girl who refers to her Jeep like a person.  I love customizing it almost as much as I love driving it.  Much like my essential oils, I can change it to suit me perfectly.  No one has another one exactly like it.  I love the looks and the compliments I get, which is totally out of character for me.  I like to blend in when I’m around strangers.  It’s like I’m a different person.  And I like her.  Alot.

Today we took the doors off for the first time since I bought it.  There’s something about the freedom of blowing in the breeze that is addictive.  I can come out of a long day at work, put the top back, and let the breeze carry my stress away.  That sounds corny, even to me, and yet here I am.   It is by far the most awesome vehicle I have ever owned.  My husband is counting the years until I replace it and he gets to make it a full time trail rig.  I’m afraid he’s going to have quite a wait.   I used to make fun of people taking pictures of their jeep and naming their jeep, of all the goofy things.  And yet here I am, driving Jeepy and posting pictures of her like an idiot.  And I’m loving every second. 20180704_173808.jpg

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